Danny Trejo

by Danny Trejo HC

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released October 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Danny Trejo HC Venice, Italy

DANNY TREJO is the outcome of the fusion of six elements coming from different bands of the italian and european punk- hardcore scene. Talco, Los Fastidios, Gonna Fall Hard, Inerdzia, Tears Before, Undisputed Attidude: this is the musical background that, once mixed, brings DANNY TREJO to play a bouncing and fast hardcore.
No love to the police!
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Track Name: Loss of hope
talking shit in this time
it's a matter you're good at
the day before you were all one of us
but now I realize the piece of shit you are inside
stabbing backs is your vocation

you fucking rat (spineless)
have nothing to share with us
only bullshit out of your mouth
from now on there's no fucking us
Track Name: Agency
trying to understand
the way you act
the bullshit you spit
but we have no time
and we don't care about

probably you can reach a good reputation
but we know where you came from
it's clear that you don't have an attitude
you don't give a fuck
about us and our scene

I know that something is wrong
you're into something you don't belong
your huge productions and your stupid new outfit
for us don't mean shit
still playing this old school beat

screaming into a microphone and getting tattoos
isn't fashion as it is for you

trying to understand
the way you act
but we have no time
and we don't fucking CARE
Track Name: Capitalism
everything is messed up
disorder and desolation everywhere
this quietness is only an illusion
you can feel this sensation
this sensation of sickness
nothing has changed but everything
this sensation is still running down your throat

all is grey and LONELINESS

you can feel this LONELINESS
Track Name: Human extinction
abuse this world for too long
burning everything we had
exploiting our planet in every way

pestilence is what we need
to establish this world
that will no longer carry our shit
human extinction is the right contribution
right do something concrete

have lots more than what we need
exploiting our planet in every way

no laws and no poiliticians
will solve our problems
the change is in yourself
don't let no one choose for youorself
what's good or what's bad
the change is in ourselves
don't let no one tell
what's good or what's bad
Track Name: No choice
Don't say a fucking word
sometimes is better
than talking good
and act the exact opposite
but for me it's not a possible choice
I just need to scream my rage

before you open your mouth
it's important that you are shure
if who is in front of you
is retarded as you are
Track Name: The calm before the storm (featuring Alberto from Attempts)
living at half
just for being like one of those
you see on tv
just the crap of this society

Your life is like
the calm befor the storm
always trying to keep yourself
trapped in a cage

omologate to a society
that don't even know your name
serving some one
that don't care about you

live for your own peace
a piece of quietness
but for them you're just
a piece of their bill
and don't forget
that after this calm
we all will face the storm
Track Name: Get drunk with Danny Trejo
do you feel the fire when you hear our name
drunk as fuck but we don't forget

Danny Trejo

will smash your face
no fucking light beers
will ruin your party
only big mustaches

don't take everything so seriously
life is short and goddamn hard
drink some beers and stage dive!
with this shit we say goodbye