Human Extinction

by Danny Trejo HC

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I 00:52
As a river overflowing its banks in that point nothing can stop its stream crashes everything you built those buildings you thought a safe harbour are now disfigured abandoned the efforts you've put to reach your sanity are faded away with a spring gentle breeze no light to follow fear of the unknown you walked the line the point of no return we don't realize how troubled these waters are until our minds drown into them
Living at half just for being like one of those you see on tv just the crap of this society your life is like the calm before the storm always trying to keep yourself trapped in a cage homologated to a society that doesn't even know your name serving some one that doesn't care about you live for your own peace a piece of quietness but for them you're just a piece of their bill and don't forget that after this calm we all will face the storm
Among Wolves 01:48
Surviving this society is not an easy task nothing seems real except that feeling of isolation that sensation of being an outcast nothing seems right a justice based on false governments and useless parties that don't represent us a system founded on the exploitation of most of the living beings this planet has leaded by the weakest of the men we are among wolves we really are among wolves
An hammer straight to the teeth reminds me in what world we live every time I think this shit means something there's a stain covering my dreams how many times I thought "I'll give up" sleepless night trying to figure a true meaning out but you know what? I'll not give you this pleasure because you know what? I've got goals you've got only memories. All this means a lot to me I still believe in a change I don't know if things will improve time will tell for sure it's not thanks to people like you or thanks to your brainless attitude
Agency 01:28
Trying to understand the way you act the bullshit you spit but we have no time and we don't care about your stupid game probably you can reach a good reputation but we know where you come from it's clear that you don't have an attitude you don't give a fuck about us and our scene I know that something is wrong you're into something you don't belong your huge productions and your stupid new outfit for us don't mean shit still playing this old school beat screaming into a microphone and getting tattoos isn't fashion as it is for you trying to understand the way you act but we have no time and we don't fucking care
Renew your thinking review your life think how much you could get from your existence do you really need to change your identity? The only thing concerning me is never loose my dignity don't give up your dreams sink with me in a world of fantasy. Just draw a line between this mess and what we really need you already know it it's just impossible to accept everything you see. In my mind there are so many questions still waiting for an answer
Capitalism 01:21
Everything is messed up disorder and desolation everywhere this quietness is only an illusion you can feel this sensation this sensation of sickness nothing has changed but everything this sensation is still running down your throat all is gray and loneliness you can feel this loneliness
No Thanks 02:04
I never got into that thinking where to be someone you need to follow the trend being cool for the majority instead I've been ridiculously against all that but I still don't buy clothes in a shop just because everyone buy there I've never cared of how cool I am I don't think an expensive car makes me look better no I don't think it makes me look better I am happy with what i have could you say the same?
Life 01:13
A landslip falling down your head can not understand where it came from at the mercy of the events it will bash you it will crash you no chance to breathe a moment you're in a place safe and resolute next you're rolling without a cruise and when you're stopping stabilizing if you will you'll never know how long it'll take grit your teeth clean your wounds be aware for the next time
Another Trejos' night I haven't slept but I can see the sunlight we've finished the club's drinks at the first band we're used to it so we keep our own in the van at this point we're like living dead and I'm sure we won't see a bed we party all night long sick until the next show
Holy Lie 02:12
Practice what you preach lying on what you teach parading your gold around you never keep your feet on the ground keepers of an absolute faith but it's just a two thousand years old shame no gods no masters stop believing in a disaster your false belief is collapsing faster no gods no masters I will not talk about crusades or catholic censorship or that you've been the worst of the tyrants but what you still represent is the biggest organized crime gang a legalized underworld without faith and ethic just pure fucking interest
XIII 01:16


Trivel Records
Green Records
Mustard Mustache Records


released April 17, 2014

recorded, mixed and mastered in February 2014
by Luca Spigato and Danny Trejo at Hate Recording Studio
Rosà - Italy
artworks by Officina Infernale


all rights reserved



Danny Trejo HC Venice, Italy

DANNY TREJO is the outcome of the fusion of six elements coming from different bands of the italian and european punk- hardcore scene. Talco, Slander, Los Fastidios, Gonna Fall Hard, Inerdzia, Discomfort, Santa Banana: this is the musical background that, once mixed, brings DANNY TREJO to play a bouncing and fast hardcore.
No love to the police!
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